Worried about teeth whitening

Worried about teeth whitening

Are you worried about starting teeth whitening? You may be scared off by the idea of teeth whitening, even though one of the things you’d love most in the world is to see your smile looking much brighter. When you’re tired of suffering from staining, we would like for you to come in to talk with us, rather than find yourself giving into feelings of uncertainty about bleaching or any other cosmetic care! When you’re short on information, you often miss out on wonderful opportunities to achieve your goals. Remember, our Lake Forest, IL team is always here to make your smile look better.

Worried that teeth whitening hurts

If you have heard that teeth whitening hurts, it is because you spoke with someone who either attempted it on their own or with someone who received professional whitening that was not offered through an extremely gentle approach. As you may have just realized, we provide an extremely safe, extremely gentle treatment that offers maximum brightening, while steadily and gently lifting stains. Come in to learn more!

It is true that the whitening process can cause cold sensitivity if you grind your teeth at night. The bleach actually amplifies the sensitivity that was already there. For those suffering from bruxism, bleaching must be done in a slower more deliberate way.

You Have Been Told Your Smile Will Stain Instantly After

Someone may have told you that once you receive teeth whitening, if you eat anything that can stain, it’s going to instantly re-discolor your smile! The truth is, when your teeth are under treatment, you may need to be careful until you’re through. However, this is not permanent. Once your bleaching is complete, you go back to your normal daily life! As long as you’re brushing and flossing, your smile is just as resilient as ever (and much brighter, too!). While certain whitening techniques are much better than others, you should not be worried about teeth whitening. Let your dentist be the one that worries if the bleach works long term.

You Want Whitening Plus Other Improvements, Too

You may be a little nervous to approach our team about teeth whitening because you definitely want a whiter smile but you also want other improvements. For some patients, this brings up feelings of “being difficult” or “wanting too much.” Our team reminds you that there is absolutely no reason to feel anything but excited about having big plans for your smile. Keep in mind that it’s what we are here for! Of course, we would love to guide you toward whiter teeth but we would also very much love to address your unique hopes for your future dream smile, rather than tackling just one aspect (only to learn you’re still wanting more). Talk with us about everything you would like to change. It will allow us to consider your options and offer a smile care plan based on artistic smile design to fully enhance your grin.

Don’t be worried about teeth whitening

Wish that your smile reflection looked bright and beautiful? Talk with us about teeth whitening and the ways we can plan for your smile improvements. Feel free to schedule a visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.