Quiz: What Are Porcelain Veneers?


Be honest: How do you feel about the appearance of your teeth? For many people, teeth stains and other cosmetic imperfections dull their smiles. To help patients ob

tain a stunning smile, Dr. James Fondriest offers a unique solution: porcelain veneers. With our cosmetic dental veneers, we can alter the appearance of your teeth in as little as one or two visits.

Porcelain Veneer Quiz

1. True or False: Veneers provide instant smile transformation.

2. True or False: Dental veneers address several common cosmetic issues.

3. True or False: Dr. Fondriest also offers no-prep veneers.

4. True or False: All veneers are custom-made.

Answer Key

1. True. Veneers are crafted from dental porcelain. After removing a minuscule portion of your enamel, the veneers are placed using a powerful bonding agent. Porcelain mimics the translucent qualities of tooth enamel, so your restoration blends seamlessly with your smile.

2. True. Porcelain veneers can cover permanent teeth stains and close unsightly gaps between teeth. Veneers can also be used to reshape damaged or malformed teeth or even lengthen a worn down tooth. Finally, veneers are sometimes place to correct the appearance of minor dental misalignment.

3. True. Our no prep veneers are crafted from ultra-thin porcelain, which means they can be placed without removing any enamel from your teeth.

4. True. Each veneer will be designed and crafted from impressions taken of your teeth. They will then be shaded to better match surrounding teeth. If you have questions about our lifelike porcelain veneers, then contact Dr. Fondriest today.

About Your Lake Forest Dentist:

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