Want a Bright and Beautiful Smile? See Your Dentist

Want a Bright and Beautiful Smile? See Your Dentist

Do you dream of having a whiter and brighter smile, but feel stumped – or worse, hopeless – about how to actually go about achieving one? A dazzling smile might seem like an impossibility. Fortunately, that is very rarely the case. That is because cosmetic dentistry can often make it possible to achieve a bright, white smile. You simply need to talk to your dentist about what form of cosmetic treatment would be the best way to achieve dreamy pearly whites!

Teeth Whitening Can Correct Severe Staining

For many patients, the most effective way to achieve brighter teeth is through a fast and effective professional teeth whitening treatment. Professional whitening can often help to lighten teeth between five and eight shades, in just one course of treatment.

With take-home products through a cosmetic dentist, that often means just two weeks of use. However, if you choose to get your teeth whitened directly in your dentist’s office, you might be able to enjoy those same kind of dramatic results in only an hour!

For Permanent Staining, Veneers Can Likely Help

Another benefit of choosing cosmetic dentistry is that even if your teeth are found to be permanently stained or intrinsically discolored, there is still a way your dentist can likely help you achieve a brighter smile. Porcelain veneers, for instance, can often be used to help hide staining, as well as many other imperfections, such as oddly shaped teeth, or minor gaps between them. That means, there are a number of ways that veneers could allow you to feel more confident showing off your smile!

Interested In a Brighter Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to help hide many imperfections. You can schedule a cosmetic appointment with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from the North Shore area of Chicago, including Winnetka, Highland Park, North Brook, Glenview, and the surrounding communities.

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