Upgrade Your Smile with Professional Whitening

Great Technology Whitened Smile

Are you a fast adapter who prides yourself on having the latest and greatest gadget? Technology has made life easier in a multitude of ways. Plus, it can provide a lot of fun. But if your smile is still stuck in the past, and looking outdated, it’s time to consider a smile upgrade. Professional whitening is one of the fastest ways to improve your smile’s appearance, which can in turn increase your confidence as well. It’s minimally invasive, affordable, and can provide pretty, drastic results. A new phone, computer or gaming system might make you feel good, but a newly-improved smile is going to help you look and feel great!

How Does Professional Whitening Work?

While there are whitening options available over-the-counter, such as toothpastes or whitening strips, these products vary in effectiveness. In many cases, people use these products repeatedly and in violation of their recommended usage guidelines in an effort to achieve drastic results. Professional whitening, on the other hand, is more effective at providing noticeable lightening, allowing for safer treatment.

Professional-grade bleaching gels, which can be provided only by a cosmetic dentist, can help lighten teeth by several shades in a relatively short amount of time. By helping to erase years’ of stains, professional whitening can make your smile more youthful and vibrant.

Though many professional bleaching gels use the same safe ingredient, carbamide peroxide, they vary in strength to accommodate each patient’s level of staining, desired whitening, timeframe for treatment and tooth sensitivity. Depending on which product is chosen, patients may need to use the gel for thirty minutes or overnight, for a few weeks or over the course of a month or more. Your cosmetic dentist can help you determine which whitening treatment is best for you, and advise you how long to wear the gel in order to enhance your smile.

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