Struggling with a Cavity? Here’s How a Filling Can Help

Dental Filling Got You Down?

Did you know that cavities affect nearly 90 percent of adults in America? Kids aren’t immune to dental decay either. In fact, approximately 30 percent of school-aged children will also deal with dental cavities before they have even reached high school. Fortunately, treatment for cavities is often quite simple, particularly if a person visits the dentist regularly and the problem is detected early. Early treatment can be the difference between a minimally invasive measure, like a dental filling being effective, versus the need for more extensive restorative treatment.

A Dental Filling Provides a Fast and Seamless Solution

While metal fillings were once incredibly common, now many dentists and patients, alike, prefer the benefits of tooth-colored dental fillings. Not only are tooth-colored fillings more cosmetically appealing, but they have functional benefits as well.

First, the composite resin material used to create tooth-colored fillings bonds well with teeth, helping to create a tight seal against further decay, and also helping to protect your tooth from infection.

Secondly, this material conducts less heat than metal, which makes it a more comfortable choice for many patients, especially those with metal sensitivities, that might find metal fillings uncomfortable while eating.

Thirdly, because the resin requires less space than metal, it makes it possible for the restorative dentist to preserve more of the patient’s healthy tooth, while still effectively treating a cavity.

Finally, the resin can be shaded to match the teeth’s natural coloring, and then carefully sculpted to create a beautiful restoration that is also natural-looking. This means that most people won’t recognize when a patient has had restorative dental work completed. Instead, they will simply see a gorgeous smile!

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