Repairing the Effects of Gum Disease for North Shore Residents

Periodontal (gum) disease can cause more than just sensitive, bleeding gums and bad breath. When left untreated, gum disease can cause more serious oral health issues, such as gumline recession, jawbone deterioration, and tooth loss. Dr. James Fondriest, a Chicago dentist, can repair the effects of gum disease and renew your smile.

Gum disease can pose several issues, but Dr. Fondriest has a method to repair each:

Gumline recession: Untreated gum disease can cause pockets (spaces between the teeth and gums) to form, which can then lead to gum recession. When the gums recede from the teeth, the teeth can droop and give the mouth a gummy appearance. But a gum lift, performed by a trusted periodontal surgeon, can repair that effect.

Loosening and shifting of teeth: When the gumline recedes and the jawbone deteriorates (see below), teeth can become loose or even shift around, ruining the alignment of your bite. Dr. Fondriest can place natural-looking porcelain veneers to restore alignment, strength, and beauty to your teeth.

Tooth loss: Sometimes it is too late to repair loose teeth and they must be removed, or teeth have already fallen out. Dental implants can replace those lost teeth. Dr. Fondriest will place dental implants and, after the healing process is complete, place beautiful dental restorations—such as crowns or bridges—over them to complete your smile.

Jawbone deterioration: Gum disease can eventually destroy the part of the jawbone that holds the teeth in place. A dental implant can stop jawbone deterioration and actually restore some of the jawbone’s strength after the bone integrates with the implant.

Has your smile lost its beauty because of gum disease? Dr. Fondriest can repair the damage and make your teeth look better than ever. Call us today at 847.234.0517. Dr. Fondriest serves patients from the greater Chicago area.

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