Quiz: Addressing Gradual Changes That Affect Your Smile

A perfect smile can lose some of its luster over time, especially if a person exhibits poor dental habits. One of the most recognizable changes can be to the color of teeth. A bright smile can dull because of accumulated enamel stains, as well as because of a gradual wearing away of enamel layers. While problems with discoloration can be easy to recognize, this is not the only type of gradual cosmetic change patients need to worry about. Years of friction can lead to a wearing down of teeth. When this happens, your smile can start to look uneven, or less healthy. The right cosmetic procedure can address these concerns. Professional whitening treatments are regularly counted on to fight stains. For other concerns like wear and tear, porcelain veneers can cover up esthetic problems


True Or False: Over the counter whitening products are just as effective at addressing teeth stains as a professional whitening treatment.

True Or False: If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, or chewing on hard surfaces, accumulated wear and tear can hurt your appearance.

True Or False: If you do nothing to address TMJ problems, you can experience chronic discomfort, and see negative effects from teeth grinding.


False! A professional whitening treatment can take care of the accumulated stains in your enamel that are frequently left untouched by over the counter whitening products. This will lead to better results, and a more pronounced improvement.

True! Some friction will naturally happen over the year, as your teeth have a tough job. If you notice these changes are hurting your smile, you can see your dentist for ideas on how to cover up wear and tear.

True! Unaddressed TMJ dysfunction can lead to chronic pain, as well as a teeth grinding habit. That habit can lead to damages that can have cosmetic and oral health consequences!

Talk To Lake Forest Dental Arts About Addressing Smile Issues That Have Built Up Gradually

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