Three Ways Poor Oral Health Causes Illness, from Your Lake Forest Dentist

Maintaining a healthy mouth is important. Nobody wants to deal with toothaches or swollen gums. Still, we get into bad habits that negatively affect our dental well-being. When we look to correct our problems, though, it is not just our mouth we should be worried about. Dr. James Fondriest, your Lake Forest dentist, presents three areas of your body that can be impacted by poor oral health.

Examples of Oral-Systemic Health

Oral-systemic health is the connection between your oral and overall health. Here are some examples:

1. Your heart: While we can’t control the existence of bacteria in our mouths, we can limit the effect of them. Letting bacteria have its way with our gums and teeth can lead to advanced gum disease (periodontitis). Those with periodontitis have almost two times the chance of contracting coronary artery disease. So, caring for your gums means caring for your heart.

2. Your mind: Research has found possible connections between dementia and unresolved dental problems. Doctors believe amounts of bacteria travel from the mouth to the brain. These bacteria could contribute to plaque linked to Alzheimer’s disease. While the onset of the disease takes place later in life, it’s never too early to take care of your dental health.

3. Your blood sugar: Diabetics are prone to infections more than non-diabetics, which puts them at risk for periodontitis. Research shows gum disease makes blood sugar difficult to control. Conversely, keeping a healthy mouth and treating gum disease actually improves health in diabetics. If you are diabetic, visit your dentist regularly to avoid a cycle of infection and disease.

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