Leafy Green Vegetables May Prevent Oral Cancer

Eating Leafy Green Vegetables Could Prevent Oral Cancer

You could be aware of the dangers of oral cancer, especially if you regularly read this blog. Maybe you’ve read the statistics: oral cancer is diagnosed in 37,000 people each year, and it kills about one person every hour. You could also be aware that use of tobacco products—cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, etc.—is the number one cause of the disease.

Fortunately, a recent study conducted by the British Dental Foundation offers hope for tobacco users, specifically women. Researchers found that female tobacco users who ate a diet rich in leafy green vegetables had a decreased risk of developing oral cancer. For each serving of leafy greens that the women in the study consumed, the risk of oral cancer decreased (as compared to women who quit tobacco use or were never tobacco users).

Tobacco users and non-users alike, regardless of gender, should also consume a diet rich in omega 3 (found in foods like fish, eggs, and flax seed), fiber (found in brown rice, whole grains, nuts, and seeds), and fruits and vegetables (especially those high in fiber and antioxidants, like vitamins C and E).

If you use tobacco, quitting is the best way to prevent oral cancer. But if you don’t quit, a balanced diet will help lower your risk. If you aren’t a tobacco user, a healthy diet will keep you on track to cancer prevention.

Dr. James Fondriest, a dentist in Lake Forest, IL, cares about your health. He can conduct an oral cancer screening when you come in for a dental checkup or cleaning (which should happen every six months). It will only take a few minutes, and it could save your life.

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