Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts That Won’t Lead to Dental Decay

Dentist-Approved Valentine's Gifts

Cupid is somewhat notorious for bringing chocolates and other sweet treats for Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t mean that you have to resort to candies and cupcakes, to let your kids or spouse know how much you love them, on this special day. In fact, there are several thoughtful ways to surprise those you love, without opting for treats that could lead to dental decay, like cavities. If you want to elicit smiles, without exposing them to lots of sugar, consider preventive-dentist approved alternatives to Valentine’s Day chocolates.

How Can You Surprise Your Loved Ones without Lots of Sugar?

Nothing says Valentine’s Day has to include lots of sweets. In fact, there are lots of fun ways to shower your loved ones with surprises, without resorting to candy or sugar-filled treats, that could eventually contribute to enamel erosion, the kind that requires dental fillings to address.

Want healthy options for surprising your loved ones?

  • For the ladies in your life, whether your wife, best friend, mom, or daughter, consider a lovely floral bouquet. It doesn’t have to be red roses, either. Choose a few different blooms in her favorite color, to let her know you “get” her.
  • For the kids, opt for a game, puzzle, or other toy that they can enjoy long after Valentine’s Day is over.
  • Gift cards are another great option, particularly since one can be chosen for any occasion and to suit anyone on your guest list. Another perk is that you can choose ones that allow you to have some quality time with each loved one, later in the month. For instance, get your teens giftcards to go see that new movie they keep talking about, or your significant other a giftcard for a future romantic dinner out.
  • A fruit bouquet is also a lot of fun, and better for the teeth than chocolates and other candies. Though many fruits are high in naturally occurring sugars, most are also high in water content, which is beneficial to oral health. They also contain much-needed vitamins, making them a healthier choice than most alternatives.
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