Crazy Toothpaste Flavors

We have all heard about the importance of brushing teeth regularly since we were children. But a lifetime of minty toothpaste may get a little boring. While there are different varieties of mint, and even bubblegum, flavors to choose from, our options aren’t vast. Since we should never stop our brushing routine, maybe some investigation into alternative flavors of toothpaste is needed. Your Lake Forest dentist, Dr. James Fondriest, presents some unique toothpaste flavors.

Different Toothpaste Flavors

All around the world, people have experimented with different toothpaste flavors. Thailand has brought all herbal toothpaste to the market that’s brown and tastes like lotus. A chocolate-flavored toothpaste from the Philippines was available for a limited time. While this may sound like it defeats the purpose of brushing, studies have shown that cocoa powder extract is more effective than fluoride in protecting teeth and preventing cavities. Since 2003, Japan has had the option of charcoal toothpaste, with claims of strong cleaning and odor-fighting properties. Riding a recent trend is bacon flavored toothpaste, providing nothing remarkable in the teeth-cleaning department but a rich bacon flavor. Children may have the option of sweeter or fruitier flavors, but it seems that adults can have many more choices when they brush their teeth.

Why Brush?

Whether you use brown, black, or white toothpaste, it’s important you brush regularly. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day and after meals. Keeping this routine can help remove food particles from between teeth to fight against gingivitis and advanced gum disease. As food sticks between teeth and evolves into plaque buildup, bacteria multiply and can infect gums. If using whitening toothpaste or brushing with baking soda, take care to not brush too hard. Since the toothpaste whitens by lightly wearing away enamel, too much force can damage teeth. Talk with your dentist about what is right for your teeth.

If different toothpaste flavors help, great!

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