Dental Infections

Not all broken teeth were created equal. In other words, broken teeth have varying degrees of severity. A broken tooth could have just a chip missing, while other fractures reach as far as the tooth’s pulp. Regardless of the size of the break, leaving a broken tooth untreated could lead to infections. Since the enamel is the protective coating of teeth, any loss of the enamel exposes the underlying layer, which can lead to infections and other oral ailments.

In the following article, Dr. James Fondriest, your Lake Forest, IL dentist, reveals the dangers of leaving a broken tooth untreated.

Consequences of Leaving a Broken Tooth Untreated

  • Tooth abscess. Abscesses develop when teeth become infected due to enamel damage from decay, or in some cases, a broken tooth. An abscess causes patients to experience sensitivities to hot and cold foods, fevers, and even swelling at the site of the infection. Typically, abscess removal requires root canal therapy; however, if the root canal proves unsuccessful, your dentist completes an extraction.
  • Swollen lymph nodes. If the abscess isn’t treated quickly, your lymph nodes may begin to swell at an attempt to fight off the existing infection. While the swelling is easily treated with an antibiotic regimen, this only temporarily addresses the abscess issue. Without proper removal of the abscess, the infection will only resurface.
  • Sepsis. If for any reason, the lingering abscess is left untreated, the patient may endure sepsis. This condition causes your immune system to react in areas that reach beyond the location of the abscess. For example, sepsis caused by a tooth infection, could lead to drops in blood pressure or septic shock. Thus, when any oral ailment plagues your mouth—even something seemingly minor, like a broken tooth—take care to visit the dentist. Early treatment prevents long-term effects.

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