How Dental Bridges Can Help Protect Your Smile

When you lose a tooth or teeth, your primary concern may be about the cosmetics of your smile. But tooth loss can have drastic effects on your abilities to chew and speak clearly as well. Over time, absent teeth may cause the others to shift out of alignment and jeopardize the integrity of your existing smile. That’s why we offer several ways to restore smiles, both esthetically and more importantly structurally. Dental bridges are one of the ways we can prevent your other teeth from moving, and to help ensure your smile stays strong and healthy.

Dental Bridges Connect Existing Teeth, Improving the Structure of Your Smile

  • When a tooth falls out, the surrounding teeth will shift to try to fill the gap it created. This can cause otherwise healthy, well-aligned teeth to become crooked, and less stable.
  • A dental bridge can be created by attaching metal to the remaining teeth, or often times fitting porcelain crowns over the teeth, in what would be considered a partial denture.
  • Dental implants are often recommended in conjunction with dental bridges, in order to maintain overall oral health. Implants are highly biocompatible and can actually stimulate the jawbone, which helps ensure it continues to function as a healthy mouth should.
  • Using implants with bridges also significantly reduces the chance of infection, damage or discomfort that can sometimes occur when a bridge is put in place without the use of crowns or implants to help anchor it in place.

About Your Lake Forest Cosmetic Dentist:
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