Erasing Embarrassing Teeth Stains

Have your teeth lost their characteristic shine and glimmer? Are they marred by visible staining that detracts from your smile’s natural beauty? It’s okay; it happens to nearly everyone at some point in their lives. Unlike cavities or gum disease, teeth stains occur even if you successfully keep your teeth clean and disease-free. Also unlike common dental diseases, teeth stains can usually be erased with a minor cosmetic treatment, such as professional teeth whitening that can brighten your smile up to 8-10 shades.

How Does Teeth-Whitening Work?

Stains usually occur on the surfaces of your teeth, either on or just underneath the protective layer of semi-translucent enamel that covers them. To erase stains, teeth whitening agents usually contain the active ingredient, peroxide (hydrogen peroxide and/or carbamide peroxide), which penetrates enamel to erase stains and brighten your tooth’s underlying structure. The same ingredients are found in many over-the-counter whitening products, though not with the same potency as professional treatment.

A Choice of Treatment Options

At our office, we offer a choice of teeth-whitening options tailored to fit around your schedule. If you need your teeth brightened in a hurry, then you might benefit from an in-office procedure. By activating the whitening gel with a curing light, your dentist can brighten your smile in the span of a typical lunch break (about an hour).

If you aren’t facing a time constraint, then you may prefer a more leisurely whitening schedule with our take-home kit, consisting of custom-made trays that fit over your teeth. The trays allow you to apply the whitening gel evenly over the surfaces of your teeth, and can be worn while you get ready in the morning, on your commute to work, or while relaxing in the evening before going to bed. For maximum results, however, you must wear the trays for the recommended period of time every day. When used as-directed, take-home whitening can improve your smile in as little as 10-14 days.

Learn How to Erase Your Teeth Stains

If your teeth are stained, then find out how our choice of teeth-whitening treatments can help you erase them! To schedule a consultation, call Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities.

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