Smile improvement

Is It Time for Dental Treatment?

When was the last time you visited the dentist for a cleaning? Was your only phone attached to a wall? Were postage stamps still being sold for less than a quarter? Many adults postpone regular preventive visits, either because of anxiety about seeing the dentist, or simply because their smiles seem “healthy enough”. Sadly, over time, this can lead to worsening dental issues, such as cavities, tooth infections, and even the loss of teeth. If you want to protect your smile, it’s important to schedule routine dental visits, which allow a dentist to clean your teeth and to check for burgeoning issues, before they can create big problems.

Make Preventive Dental Visits a Priority

Most dentist recommend visiting at least twice a year for a preventive cleaning. However, people who are particularly susceptible to cavities or other dental issues, including those that have been diagnosed with gum disease – a chronic condition – may find that they actually require more frequent cleanings to adequately prevent problems.

Keep in mind, too, that just because your teeth look or seem healthy, it doesn’t mean they are. Since the teeth cannot repair themselves the way other parts of the body can, if they are damaged – by accident, acidic erosion, or other causes – they will require restorative treatment.

Know the Warning Signs of Dental Problems

If you suffer from chronic dry mouth, have noticed bleeding when flossing, or see discoloration like black lines in the crevices of your teeth, these are all potential indicators of dental issues like cavities or even gum disease. Negative changes in your smile are often warning signs of trouble.

When you notice dental issues arising, prompt restorative treatment is generally the best way to protect the teeth from further damage, and to restore your overall dental health. So don’t delay a visit that could actually help you save your smile!