Dental Implants: Can They Protect Your Smile?

implantplacedYou know that choosing dental implants will restore the beauty of your smile and that the decision will also improve daily function. However, have you ever thought about what implants may do for your oral health? Could they, perhaps, protect your smile in some way you have never quite thought about? As it turns out, implants are one of the most exceptional prosthetics for teeth replacement because they actually keep your smile and its supportive structures in better shape than without. Are you thinking this information may actually help you make a final decision about addressing your tooth loss but you need a few more facts? Learn more with the following:

Implants Are Placeholders

First and foremost, you have probably heard that missing teeth can have a negative impact on your smile’s appearance and its alignment. Whether you are missing one tooth or many, the open spaces become areas that your remaining teeth will attempt to occupy. A single open space may cause your natural remaining teeth to shift and migrate toward the space. This is highly problematic because your smile will end up losing uniformity, you may require braces to restore alignment, and you may suffer from an unbalanced bite that causes discomfort and subsequent oral health concerns. By replacing teeth with dental implants, you fill the opening, so your smile’s alignment remains intact.

Dental Implants Protect Your Jaw Health

First, it’s important to understand how the roots of each tooth keep your jaw healthy. When you bite down, your roots stimulate your jawbone. A reaction occurs that sends a signal to keep nutrients flowing steadily to your jaw tissue, so it can remain strong and healthy as a way to continue supporting its teeth. When you lose one set of roots – or many – your jawbone stops receiving stimulation. This may result in a jawbone that does not receive nutrients and that then deteriorates. Dental implants replace your roots, restore the stimulation process, and protect your jaw health.


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