Chicago Esthetic Restorative Dentistry Explained

Esthetic dental restorations is the term that Dr. James Fondriest uses to describe the type of dentistry he offers at Lake Forest Dental Arts, his Chicago-area dental office. Esthetic refers to beauty, while dental restorations refers to dental work that improves health, oral function, and appearance.  The media has popularized the phrase cosmetic dentistry, but most consumers don’t know that a cosmetic dentist requires no training, experience, or education past a doctorate in general dentistry, DDS or DMD. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a recognized dental specialty by the American Dental Association. In short, any dentist can claim to be a cosmetic dentist.

Esthetic restorative dentistry, according to Dr. Fondriest, requires more.

Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

“I cannot thank all of you enough for my fabulous smile and the wonderful care that you provided. It feels great to express my joy, I can beam with joy and not worry about what people may be staring at”. – Tammy Davis, Waukegan, IL

Education in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

After earning his general dentistry degree, Dr. Fondriest dedicated his career to expanding his knowledge in cosmetic, restorative, and prosthetic dentistry. He has completed, and continues to accrue, many continuing education credits each year. In addition, his passion for knowledge has led him to teaching positions with Pankey Institute, Spear Institute, and University of Florida Dental School. He enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with up-and-coming dentists and takes comfort in knowing that he passes on the vital importance of high ethics and professional excellence, in addition to clinical education.

Exquisite, Nature-Mimicking Dental Materials

Just as homebuilders have a range of materials and craftsmen to employ in constructing houses, dentists have access to a diverse range of dental materials and laboratory technicians when planning esthetic restorations. Dr. Fondriest has searched high and low, near and far to find the ceramics, bonding agents, and technology that he believes provides patients with the very best dentistry has to offer. He has close relationships with respected dental ceramists and laboratory technicians who understand and can fulfill his demand for excellent dental restorations and prosthetics. From fillings to crowns, bridges to implants, Dr. Fondriest’s esthetic restorative dentistry is designed to look completely natural and endure the rigors of everyday function.

Experience for Perfection in Restorative Dentistry

Years of training, working with fine dental labs, employing new technology, and performing esthetic restorative dentistry on a highly demanding patient base have given Dr. Fondriest extensive experience. He is considered an industry expert and Key Opinion Leader by his peers. He has held many elected positions in the Chicago and greater Illinois dental communities and holds memberships with the most respected dental associations. Dr. Fondriest is also a lecturer and author on the subjects of prosthetic and esthetic dentistry.


Still Improving Smiles in Lake Forest, IL

While it may appear that Dr. Fondriest’s schedule of lecturing, writing, and teaching keep him busy full time, he has a passion for performing dentistry and improving lives in his Chicago-area dental office. Dr. Fondriest regularly cares for patients, many of whom he has known for years.

Dr Fondriest is a Nationally recognized and highly sought after cosmetic dentist serving clients from throughout the United States