Cavity Causing You to Frown? Ask for a Tooth-colored Filling: Part One

Crown Causing a Frown? Learn About Dental Fillings

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems on the planet. In fact, almost 90 percent of people will experience at least one cavity during their lives, and many will suffer from cavities much more frequently. Sadly, for years, sufferers of cavities were subjected to restorative treatment that helped restore their oral health, but did nothing for the esthetics of the smile. That’s because noticeable metal fillings were once the primary form of restorative treatment. Fortunately, modern dentists have an alternative, one that is just as functional but much more beautiful than those outdated metal fillings. The option is called tooth-colored fillings, and you might be pleasantly surprised just how well they can improve your smile!

What Can a Dental Filling Do to Protect Your Smile?

Tooth-colored fillings are a great way to address damage done by cavities, because they create a tight seal and provide esthetic benefits, when compared to their predecessors, metal fillings. Though some dentists still use metal fillings, these are generally only recommended for back molars that receive a great deal of wear. Otherwise, both dentists and patients tend to prefer the look and feel of tooth-colored fillings.

A filling acts as restorative treatment by creating a barrier around a tooth damaged by acidic erosion and decay. This helps stop the erosion, and just as importantly helps prevent an infection, by preventing food particles and bacteria from entering the interior of the tooth. In some cases, particularly with progressed cavities or after root canal treatment, a porcelain dental crown may also be recommended for added protection. But for most cavities, a thorough cleaning and filling is what is advised.

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