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How Does Tooth Loss Actually Happen?

Today, most dental health issues are highly preventable and treatable, even in their more severe stages. Tooth loss, for instance, is much less of a problem than it used to be thanks to advances in dentistry that help you successfully address its most common causes. Nevertheless, tooth loss still remains a problem for a large… Read more »

Good News About Tooth Loss

We may never be able to completely prevent tooth loss for everyone, but the good news is that today’s dentistry offers a wealth of preventive measures to help most patients avoid it. It also offers highly lifelike materials and techniques for replacing lost teeth so that patients can regain their confidence in their smiles. While… Read more »

How Should You Handle Tooth Loss?

If you’ve never experienced tooth loss as an adult, then the best way to handle your risks of it is to keep your smile healthy through consistently good hygiene and regular preventive dental care. If you have lost a tooth, however, then the best way to handle it is to replace the tooth as soon… Read more »

Do You Need to Replace a Lost Tooth? Part One

Do You Need to Replace a Lost Tooth? Part One

Did you lose a tooth last year, or have to schedule an extraction? Many adults feel the frustration of tooth loss, and subsequently the many struggles it can cause. For instance, adults that have lost teeth may initially feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their incomplete smiles. Unfortunately, over time, lost teeth can also lead to alignment… Read more »

Are You Ready for a More Secure Dental Prostheses? Part Two

Are You Ready for a More Secure Dental Prostheses? Part Two

Dental bridges and dentures are popular forms of dental prostheses, because they represent relatively fast and affordable ways to complete the smile after tooth loss. Unfortunately, many patients find that dentures can shift annoyingly, and often uncomfortably, during meals. Fortunately, dental implants are a more secure way to address tooth loss, one that can inspire… Read more »

Is It Time to Get a Dental Bridge or a Dental Implant?

Complete Your Smile

Do you have a hard time enjoying meals, because of an ill-fitting denture, or even an incomplete smile? Have you spent months or even years making do with an ill-fitting prostheses, because you didn’t think you could afford  better options? Dental bridges and dental implants make it possible to complete the smile beautifully, and functionally,… Read more »