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Why Is Tooth Loss Still Common?

Compared to dental health care in the past, today’s methods have made many common dental problems much less of a hassle. For example, instances of tooth loss are dramatically lower than they used to be thanks to restorative measures that help patients repair and rebuild compromised tooth structure. However, tooth loss is still common for… Read more »

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

When it comes to rebuilding your smile after tooth loss, the right dental prosthesis must serve a number of different functions. For instance, besides restoring your smile’s appearance, it also has to restore your bite’s ability to function and your teeth’s ability to enunciate your words clearly. For many patients, that prosthesis is a custom-designed… Read more »

What Tooth Loss Does to Your Smile

The most obvious thing that tooth loss does to your smile is affect the way it looks. The gap or gaps left in your smile can diminish its cosmetic appeal, which in turn, can lower your overall self-confidence. However, your teeth serve several functions beyond filling out your smile, and when you lose even one… Read more »

How Does Tooth Loss Actually Happen?

Today, most dental health issues are highly preventable and treatable, even in their more severe stages. Tooth loss, for instance, is much less of a problem than it used to be thanks to advances in dentistry that help you successfully address its most common causes. Nevertheless, tooth loss still remains a problem for a large… Read more »

Good News About Tooth Loss

We may never be able to completely prevent tooth loss for everyone, but the good news is that today’s dentistry offers a wealth of preventive measures to help most patients avoid it. It also offers highly lifelike materials and techniques for replacing lost teeth so that patients can regain their confidence in their smiles. While… Read more »