Don’t want a dental bridge? Fears About Bridges

So you don't want a dental bridge

When your smile isn’t your full smile anymore because of tooth loss, you find yourself in a situation in which you want your teeth back! As you know, moving forward requires you to select a prosthetic device that replaces those teeth. What you want is to address your missing tooth or few teeth with beautiful results that cause one to say, “Oh, what a beautiful smile!” rather than, “Oh, have you had some dental work done?” For many, the use of a dental bridge offers a wonderful solution. It’s fixed, secure, and can quickly replace up to three teeth. So, what is causing you to wait around? If it’s some amount of fear regarding what to expect, let us help!

Fear #1: Someone Will Be Able To See “The Line”

Many dental bridges are built on a metal framework. As a result, you may have seen individuals in the past, wearing bridges, and those bridges displayed a dark line or edge along the base. As a practice that provides artistic dentistry to our patients in all of our services, this is not a characteristic of bridges that you need to worry about. We take measures to use beautiful materials to hide the edge of your bridge, thereby leaving no metal exposed. The result? There’s no dark margin. There’s just your smile that looks complete and beautiful and natural.

don't want a dental bridge

The right front 3 teeth is actually a dental bridge

Fear #2: It’s Going To Look Artificial

We rely on not only artistic dental design for your bridge but also on beautiful materials that will look like they’re your own tissue. Dental bridges from our practice don’t make it look like you’re wearing a bridge. They make it look like you have your whole smile.

Fear #3: I Won’t Qualify Because Of A Metal Sensitivity

If you’re allergic to many metals or are highly sensitive, then this means that you seek out metal-free dentistry. In the case of something like a dental bridge, you may love what you know about the prosthetic in general. However, a bridge built on a metal base will not work for you. What to do? Fortunately, we offer all-porcelain bridges to qualifying patients. Just as it sounds, the device is built of all porcelain and built on a base that is also composed of a type of porcelain. Interested in this option to replace your missing teeth?

What Could a Dental Bridge Do for Your Smile?

  • Bridges are more stable than unsupported dentures, because they allow a replacement tooth to be anchored by two dental crowns, securely affixed to teeth adjacent to your gap. Dental bridges are excellent alternatives to dental implants.
  • Using this method of restoration you can replace a single lost tooth, or several, without fear that your prosthetic will move during meals or even speaking.
  • No adhesives will be necessary, because the prosthetic tooth will be directly connected to the dental crowns atop your natural teeth. See a before and after dental bridge.
  • Dental bridges are relatively fast and affordable, particularly compared to dental implants, which require oral surgery and months of healing.
  • That said, some patients opt to have dental bridges affixed to a dental implant rather than a real tooth, often because of more severe tooth loss.
  • In fact, even patients who have lost most or all of their teeth, could benefit from the use of dental implants to anchor a dental bridge. Keep in mind that implants help to stabilize the jaw, and prevent the shrinking that naturally occurs when a tooth’s root is no longer there to support the jaw with nutrients.

If you don’t want a dental bridge but want to lean more

If you think a bridge will work well for your smile, contact us soon for additional information that you learn about during a consultation. Our Lake Forest Dental Arts practice is proud to serve Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area. To schedule a consultation, call our office in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517.