A Product to Change the Face of Oral Health

Ask a dentist how to maintain healthy teeth and gums and you’ll hear to brush and floss your teeth, eat healthy, and visit the dentist for professional dental cleanings and checkups every six months.

Chicago dentist Dr. James Fondriest agrees that all of the above are the cornerstones of quality dental care, but he also wants to remind you to keep an eye on new science and technology developments because they may impact the way we maintain our oral health.

A Powerful, Bacteria-Eliminating Mouthwash

Wenyuan Shi, a microbiologist at the UCLA School of Dentistry, recently began testing a new mouthwash product that could change the face of dental care. This innovative mouthwash is designed to target the harmful Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans) that cause dental carries, more commonly known as tooth decay or cavities. As one of the most common oral health problems in the United States, Americans spend billions of dollars on the reparation of dental carries each and every year. This mouthwash may change this.

The Proof is in the Research

In a recent clinical study to test this product, 12 subjects who rinsed just one time with the experimental mouthwash experienced nearly a complete elimination of the S. mutans bacteria over the entire four-day testing period. Other oral health products, including antibiotics and traditional mouthwashes and oral rinses, do have the ability to kill harmful bacteria when used, but the results only last for a 12-hour period, making this new product an industry revolution.

Based on the success of the clinical trial, Shi and his colleagues have filed a New Investigational Drug application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If the FDA approves this product for general use, it will be the first anti-dental caries drug since fluoride was licensed nearly 60 years ago. Shi hopes that this product will lead to the discontinuation of tooth decay in the coming years.

Dr. Fondriest and our team hope the same. In the meantime, to keep your mouth and body healthy, we still want to see you in our Lake Forest dental office every six months. If you’re due for a cleaning and exam, call Dr Fondriest at (847) 234-0517 to reserve an appointment.