Which Toothbrush Works Best For You?

In the past, human beings brushed their teeth with items such as twigs and corn cobs. Today, we have our pick of a variety of toothbrushes. But that variety can cause quite a conundrum: what shape, size, and bristle texture do we choose? And are electric or manual toothbrushes best? Finding the right toothbrush can be easy, and we will show you how you can do it.

Toothbrush Options

    • Shape: You might find it best to use a toothbrush that is ergonomically designed, which means that it will fit your hand comfortably and is angled to allow easy access to each part of each tooth.
    • Bristles: Though hard bristles and medium bristles are options, and though they will seemingly clean your teeth better, they are bad choices. Stiffer bristles can cause tooth enamel wear and gum recession, both of which can become serious dental health issues. First of all, never use a hard-bristled brush. In fact, you shouldn’t even use a medium-bristled one. Instead, use a soft, medium-soft, or extra-soft toothbrush, and brush your teeth with gentle, circular strokes.

  • Size: If your mouth is small, you should look for a toothbrush with a smaller head and curved edges. A toothbrush that is too large can cause you to scrape the soft tissues in your mouth, which can lead to mouth sores.
  • Electric: These toothbrushes are thorough, but no evidence exists to show that they clean better than manual brushes. But they do make it easier to brush longer, which causes less fatigue and encourages people to brush for longer.

Toothbrushes are relatively inexpensive, so if you need to decide which toothbrush is best for you, purchase a few types that may work for you. Try the brushes out so that you can decide which one works best. Finding a comfortable toothbrush will make the cleaning effort more comfortable and effective.

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