What Does It Take to Truly Keep a Smile Healthy? Part One

What Does It Take to Truly Keep a Smile Healthy? Part One

Most people take great pride in the appearance of their smiles, and with good reason too. Many studies indicate that a smile is the first thing people will notice when they meet you, and the last thing they will forget after your encounter. So a smile can speak volumes about you, without you even saying a word. If your smile is healthy and beautiful, it sends a message to the world. Unfortunately, an unhealthy smile can also send a message, a negative one. If you are tired of dealing with visible plaque buildup, bad breath, sensitivity or discomfort, or if you simply want a healthier smile to show off, it is time to learn more from your preventive dentist about what it truly takes to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Is Dental Hygiene Enough?

While twice daily tooth brushing is a great start to maintaining a healthy smile, it is not enough to keep the teeth free of plaque, and the gums healthy. Flossing is another important aspect of any dental hygiene routine. That is because there are areas between the teeth that a brush will not be able to reach, allowing bacteria to remain stuck behind in between the teeth.

Flossing helps remove more of these bacteria, allowing for a healthier smile in between dental checkups.

Though some dentists may also recommend the use of a plaque-fighting mouthwash or an oral rinse to combat dry mouth, these should not be considered alternatives to either brushing or flossing. Instead, it is often best to combine each of these steps for best results.

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