Teeth Whitening Secrets From Your Lake Forest Dentist

The teeth whitening craze continues. Everywhere you look, there are toothpaste, strips, and other products that promise us whiter, brighter smiles. While some over-the-counter tooth whitening products are effective for minor stains, some cases require a stronger solution. Today your Lake Forest dentist covers all of the bases in the race to whiten your teeth.

The Problems With In-Office Whitening

Most dentists offer both in-office whitening procedures as well as at-home kits. However, Dr. Fondriest of Lake Forest Dental Arts doesn’t recommend in-office whitening. Although an in-office bleaching will brighten your smile, it achieves this effect primarily by dehydration rather than stain removal. Because most in-office bleach treatments don’t actually treat the organic colorants of your teeth, your newly illuminated smile will lose its luster quite quickly. So what does your Lake Forest dentist recommend?

The “Nite White” Difference

At Lake Forest Dental Arts, we offer the Nite White Excel 3 from Discus Dental. Nite White can be used while you sleep, and features carbamide peroxide that ranges in strength from 7.5% to 22%. If you have sensitive teeth, we also offer Day White that is used for just 30 minutes, with a lower concentration of peroxide. Dr. Fondriest will ensure that you are an ideal candidate for teeth bleaching, and after just one office visit you can be on your way to your whitest, brightest smile in years, thanks to the premium at-home whitening power of Nite White.

Need More Information On Teeth Whitening?

For more information about teeth whitening, or to set up a consultation with Dr. Fondriest, call our Lake Forest dentist office at 847-234-0517. At Lake Forest Dental Arts we proudly serve patients from Lake Forest and surrounding Chicago-area communities.

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