How does a smile change with age?

Smile changes with age

While you can certainly limit the effects of aging by keeping up with a healthy diet and lifestyle, smile changes with age are inevitable over time. With that said, should you assume that your teeth will become less bright, and look less healthy, over time? Your smile can certainly be affected over the years if you do a poor job with daily oral care, as experiences with tooth decay, teeth stains, and damage can take their toll. You also have the effects of friction over time, as your teeth can lose layers of enamel. While some change to your appearance can be hard to avoid, your Lake Forest, IL dentist can help by providing the right dental treatment. With a teeth whitening treatment, or the placement of no-prep veneers, you can enjoy a remarkable smile recovery! 

Should I Expect My Smile To Change Due To Aging?

Aging also changes the shape of the jaw. Over time, your mandible becomes longer, thinner, and more steeply angled. This contributes to the loss of facial definition, which is a major characteristic of old age. Teeth become more crowded, though the degree of crowding varies from person to person. Your jaw also loses bone mass as time goes by, and restorative dental work must account for this shrinkage. Removable dentures eventually wear away some gum and bone tissue, while dentures anchored by implants do not.

Other factors contributing to smile changes with age are jawbone loss from lost teeth and untreated gum disease. Healthy tooth roots (and dental implants) have bone growing right up to the edge, and these roots or implants stimulate the bone to continue growing and repairing itself. When you lose a tooth, the bone in that area starts to wear away. The bacteria that causes periodontal disease gets between the gum line and jawbone, causing irritation and eventual tissue loss.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep your smile shining. Cosmetic dentistry can help turn back the clock and keep your smile looking younger. Learn more about dental health changes with age.

Making A Plan To Help You Make A Range Of Smile Improvements

By planning cosmetic treatment to address the smile changes with age, you can make great smile changes that improve the way you look. During a consultation, your dentist can take a look at your teeth, and you can discuss matters you would like to improve. You may want to do something about discoloration, or the accumulation of wear and tear. In cases where a tooth is affected by more significant problems, your dentist may recommend placing a porcelain crown, so there is also functional support.

Addressing Tooth Loss As Part Of A Larger Plan To Improve Your Smile

One problem many older patients can face is tooth loss. If you need to do something about missing teeth, your dentist can discuss dental implants with you. When you have a restoration secured with a dental implant, you can look forward to great functional support. The bridge will also help your smile look natural, and complete.

Learn more about smile changes with age

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