Jaw Pain Got You Down? TMJ Treatment Could Help

TMJ Disorder? Treatment Options

Are you tired of living with jaw pains? TMJ Disorder can create a number of pains and problems for more than just the jaw. TMJ can lead to sleeping problems, headaches, alignment issues, and other dental issues. Luckily, many dentists offer TMJ treatment, which can help address both the causes and symptoms of TMJ, helping patients smile and sleep more comfortably. So if you’re tired of just surviving, now is a great time to stop coping with discomfort and to call your restorative dentist instead.

What Does Treatment Entail?

In some cases, something as simple as a custom-made mouthguard is enough to reduce the symptoms of TMJ. The guard is similar to the kind recommended for protecting teeth during full-contact sports. Its purpose is to help keep the jaw in a comfortable position during the night, so that a person can stop bruxism, nighttime teeth grinding which is a common symptom of TMJ. This can help a person get a more restful night’s sleep, reduce headaches and other related issues.

For patients with more severe TMJ issues, more extensive treatment may be necessary. In some cases, orthodontic treatment to correct alignment issues is the most effective way to reduce TMJ symptoms. While this can take a long time to complete, it provides esthetic improvements as well as reduction of discomfort or pain.

The best way to determine the cause of your TMJ problems, and therefore the best solution for treatment, is by simply scheduling a consultation with a restorative dentist. The dentist can order scans and other tests to help determine what is causing your TMJ problems, and the best way to treat it.

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