Fun Facts About Teeth in the Animal Kingdom from Your Lake Forest Dentist

Who Has the Most Teeth?

Did you know that the average human mouth can hold up to 28 teeth? Since four more wisdom teeth add up to 32, many people must have these third molars removed with wisdom teeth extractions. The giant armadillo has no such problem. This animal has the most teeth of any land mammal, with 100 teeth in the quirky creature’s mouth. Generally, animals that eat insects will have more teeth than herbivores and carnivores.

Mammals Are Heterodonts

There are four different types of teeth in your mouth. They include incisors, cuspids, bicuspids, and molars. Each has a specific place and responsibility when it comes to chewing and speaking. For instance, incisors help you say the “t” and “v” sounds, as well as bite into food. Your bicuspids and molars help chew food and grind it down for digestion. Did you know that mammals are the only animals to have different types of teeth? This is called heterodonts. The teeth in fish and reptiles are all basically the same shape, but may come in different sizes.

Replacing Teeth

While most mammals typically replace only one set of teeth, sharks lose and replace teeth every week. They can produce up to 2,000 to 3,000 teeth in their lifetime. Elephants will grind down and lose up to seven sets of teeth in their lifetime. As humans, we should only lose our primary set of teeth. Contrary to popular belief, tooth loss in your senior years is not natural or inevitable. You can fight back against missing teeth with dental implants and preventive dental care from our Lake Forest dentist, Dr. James Fondriest.

Dentist in Lake Forest

We are always interested in fun facts about teeth and news in dentistry. Although we can’t offer dental care for our furry friends, we can provide our human patients with individualized dental treatment that focuses on your personal needs. Call our Lake Forest dentist, Dr. Fondriest, at (847) 234-0517. We serve patients from the Chicago Metro area.

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