Fighting Gummy Smiles in Chicago

Are your teeth straight and white, but they look too small? Many people have “gummy” smiles, meaning overgrown gum tissue that hides tooth enamel. If this is the case for you, you may be self-conscious about it, and that’s understandable.

Did you know, 10% of Miss America pageant contestants had noticeably gummy smiles? Some folks are fine with a gummy smile. However, if you have long wanted bigger teeth and a bolder smile, Dr. James Fondriest has just the solution.

First, we’ll need to determine why your smile appears gummy and teeth seem short. Common causes include:

  • Gums not receding naturally once permanent teeth begin to emerge; teeth appear too short. Gummy smiles are more common among females [sorry ladies!]. This is when gum recontouring, or a gum lift, may be recommended. Dr. Fondriest designs gum lifts to correct overgrown gum tissue and reveal more natural tooth enamel. A gum lift is much easier than you might imagine, particularly when a dental laser is used. Dr. Fondriest often incorporates gum lifts along with crown lengthening to achieve much more cosmetically appealing smiles for his patients.
  • Results of bruxism, the condition of grinding, clenching, or clicking of teeth, whether asleep or awake. Wearing down your teeth can make teeth smaller. It may also cause the normal gum line appear crooked. For worn teeth, cosmetic porcelain veneers may be the best solution. It’s also important, however, to stop bruxism from continuing to cause damage. Dr. Fondriest may recommend an oral appliance for you to wear at night, and he’ll assess your jaw joints to determine whether you suffer from TMJ disorder.
  • Unusually high lip line, exposing too much of the gums when smiling. Gum recontouring, porcelain veneers, or a dose of Botox in the upper lip muscle may correct this situation.

Schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Fondriest so that he can evaluate your case and recommend the best course of action. As a reputable cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fondriest serves the Chicago area. Call Lake Forest Dental Arts at 847-234-0517.