Tips for Dental Injuries

What to do after a Dental Injury Occurs

Although Dr. James Fondriest and his team are extensively experienced with cosmetic dentistry, they can also restore your smile from traumatic dental injuries. We understand that dental injuries are frightening and anxiety inducing. To help ease our patients’ minds, we are here to serve you compassionately throughout dental emergencies. You can count on Dr. Fondriest to restore your smile. We sincerely hope that none of our patients have to suffer with traumatic injuries to the teeth; however, we have compiled some tips below for handling dental emergencies.

  • Keep our office number in your wallet or purse. In the event of an emergency, contact our dentist office as soon as possible so that we can prepare for your visit. Be sure to explain the nature of your injury and give us any additional details that you feel are important.
  • If you chip your tooth, collect the piece(s) and bring them to our office. In some cases, Dr. Fondriest can reattach them. Dental bonding is sometimes used to restore chipped teeth as well.
  • If you completely knock out a tooth, try to find it. Place your tooth in milk or “save-a-tooth” solution; this solution can be found at most pharmacies.  Never place your tooth in water. You tooth is comprised of living tissues and cells, milk and save-a-tooth can keep your teeth alive for a short period of time. If neither is available, place your tooth back into your mouth near soft gum tissues until you arrive at our office.
  • If you dislodge a tooth from its socket, avoid touching it with your fingers or tongue. Dr. Fondriest will reposition your tooth and stabilize it.

For further questions or to schedule an appointment with our Chicago dentist office, contact Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We serve residents of Lake Forest, North Shore, Glenview, Highland Park, Winnetka, and the nearby Chicago communities.

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