Don’t Settle When It Comes to Your Smile; Seek an Artistic Dentist

Great Smile at Home with Artistic Dentistry

Would you go to an architect with no creativity in his designs, or order a custom portrait from a painter with technical proficiency but no real emotion behind his work? If not, why would you want to get cosmetic dentistry from someone that treats every smile the same? When it comes to cosmetic treatment, don’t you want someone with the vision and artistry to help make your dream smile a reality, in a way that both honors the smile you were born with and helps you achieve a beautiful and natural-looking smile of which you can be truly proud? If you value your smile as much or more than your house, or the artwork that adorns your walls, make sure to select a dentist that specializes in artistic smile design!

What Does Artistic Smile Design Entail?

An artistic dentist works closely with his or her patients to ensure that each of their concerns is addressed, and that the resulting enhancements are beautiful, but just as importantly natural-looking. After all, who wants artificial-looking teeth?

In order to create a seamless smile, the dentist may need to combine treatments, such as whitening all the teeth first, then applying porcelain veneers to a few that are disproportional or oddly shaped. And some patients may need more extensive treatment, such as a gum lift. In this case a cosmetic dentist may work closely with an oral surgeon, to design the improved gumline.

When deciding what treatment or which combination of procedures is right for you, make sure your cosmetic dentist knows which issues are causing you embarrassment, as well as what your dream smile looks like. While you might offer a celebrity’s smile as an example of what you want, a skilled, artistic dentist will help bridge the gap between that inspiration and the way your smile is naturally structured, so that you have a one-of-a-kind enhancement that accents your natural beauty, rather than detracting from it.

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