Artistic Dentistry Could Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Artistic Smile Design Couple

Do you enjoy spending Sundays at the nearest museum, and Friday nights at gallery openings? Is your home filled with beautiful hand painted canvases, sculptures and brilliant photography? If so, it’s clear you appreciate the finer things in life, especially creative expression through all kinds of art forms. If you prize all things unique, and with an artistic flair, you probably don’t want to dress like everyone else, or have a cookie cutter home. So, why would you want a one-size-fits-all smile? Artistic dentistry allows patients to fix their cosmetic concerns, without settling for a smile that looks anything less than unique to them.

How Artistic Design Is Different

If you have long been interested in cosmetic dentistry to fix some noticeable imperfections with your teeth, it’s time to consider how artistic dentistry could help give you the smile of your dreams.

A skilled cosmetic dentist can help you eliminate imperfections while still achieving a smile that is unique to you, and therefore natural-looking. The first step in treatment is assessing your current smile, through a thorough exam and consultation.

By studying the way your teeth and gums appear when you smile, and during movement, such as talking, the dentist can better understand any issues causing your smile to look less attractive than it could.

You will then talk with the dentist about your ideal smile, and work together to determine the best treatment plan. Many patients can benefit from a combination of cosmetic treatments, such as whitening on all the teeth and veneers on a few that are misshapen or disproportionally small. Others may require a gum lift and dental implants to both restore a smile’s function and improve its appearance.

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