Wow Them at the Reunion with a Gum Lift

Women at Reunion with Beautiful Smiles

A lot of things may have changed since you graduated from college, like your address, your last name and even your goals in life. But if you don’t want your smile to be one of them, it’s time to talk with your cosmetic dentist about a gum lift. While teeth may show some signs of aging, over time, many of them can be addressed with simple procedures like professional whitening or cosmetic bonding. But if the problem is that your teeth seem small, and your gums seem excessive, a gum lift is likely the best way to bring back your smile’s natural beauty!

What Can a Gum Lift Do for You?

As people age a common side effect is excess gum tissue growth. This can hide portions of the teeth, and cause the entire smile to look disproportional or asymmetrical. It can also generally age the smile, much like discoloration or jagged edges.

Fortunately a gum lift can help make your smile look more proportional and beautiful by removing any excessive gum tissue and therefore revealing more of your teeth. It can also help correct an asymmetrical gumline, which can drastically improve the entire smile’s appearance.

To have a successful gum lift, you should first talk with your dentist about your ideal smile. The dentist will then carefully design the end result of your procedure, before either the dentist or an oral surgeon begins to carefully sculpt the tissue.

While this procedure is more extensive, and therefore requires more recovery time than most other cosmetic dental procedures, like professional whitening for instance, it has been made faster and more precise through the use of lasers which are able to suture as the dentist or surgeon sculpts.

And the end result is a beautiful and proportional smile you’ll be excited to show off around friends, both old and new!

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