Treat Yourself to a True Makeover, Starting with Your Smile: Part One

Makeover Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

All the makeup and hair styling in the world is no substitute for a beautiful smile. Yet many people focus on their wardrobes and eye shadow, instead of their pearly whites. A smile is one of your greatest assets, though. Isn’t it time you treat it as such? If you’re currently embarrassed by your smile, or just know it could look better and brighter, now is a great opportunity to talk with your cosmetic dentist about the benefits of treatment such as whitening, cosmetic bonding, gum contouring, and porcelain veneers. In fact, you might be surprised how confident you could feel after a smile makeover.

Is Staining Your Main Concern?

Almost every adult has heard of teeth whitening, but not everyone knows the difference between over-the-counter products and professional whitening. The main difference is that professional whitening utilizes prescription-grade brightening products that are designed to provide dramatic results, quickly. Many OTC products can lighten teeth, but few are able to deliver the same drastic results as professional treatment.

Through professional whitening most patients are able to lighten teeth by five to ten shades, creating noticeably brighter smiles!

What About More Significant Issues?

If you have bigger concerns than the brightness of your teeth, for instance if some of your teeth are disproportionally large or misshapen, bonding or contouring could be used. Bonding is generally used to make disproportionally small teeth more proportional by adding composite resin to the teeth, while contouring can be used to help correct teeth that are too large, by gently filing away unnecessary portions of the teeth.

Veneers can also address these issues, utilizing dental porcelain, which is naturally stain-resistant and incredibly strong. This is why veneers remain one of the most popular forms of cosmetic treatment.

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