The Many Roles Played By Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns for Many Roles

Crowns, once used to signify royalty, became in the not-so-distant past shiny symbols that a cavity had been present. For many patients they created heightened sensitivity to hot or cold foods, and for even more they caused cosmetic concerns over the appearance of metal in an otherwise beautiful smile. Luckily porcelain dental crowns offer a more attractive alternative to metal crowns, while still providing the same benefits of restorative treatment. If you think you have a dental issue that might require a crown, or are just tired of looking at a metal one you’ve had placed in the past, porcelain crowns could be a welcome addition to your smile.

What Can a Porcelain Crown Do For You?

Porcelain is used for dental prosthetics for a number of reasons. First, and perhaps most obviously, it can be made to closely match a person’s natural teeth. This help creates a more seamless restoration than metal crowns, which are easily spotted.

Secondly, porcelain is similar to teeth’s natural enamel in both its stain-resistance and durability. It’s not prone to chipping, either, and this makes it an excellent material for protecting fragile teeth.

Finally, while crowns can be used to help protect a tooth damaged by a cavity or infection, they can also be used to help replace a tooth lost due to gum disease, extraction or other causes. In many cases, dental crowns are used as part of a dental bridge or dental implant to securely complete a smile, in a beautiful and strong way.

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