Smile Need Repair? Look for Beautiful Treatment Like a Porcelain Crown

A Porcelain Crown Can Beautifully Correct Your Smile

Did that cavity progress to a full-blown infection? Besides being incredibly painful, an infected tooth can also threaten the loss of a tooth, or even spreading infection throughout the mouth. Fortunately, this is why restorative treatment exists! A root canal is often prescribed to restore a tooth’s health after infection. But after treatment, most dentists also recommend a dental crown, to help protect that tooth from further wear or even loss. And lucky for you, if you do need a dental crown, they have never looked or felt better, thanks to the beauty and strength of porcelain crowns!

Does Your Smile Need Protection? Here’s How Porcelain Can Help!

If it has been years since your last crown was placed, or if you have never required restorative treatment, you might still be under the impression that metal is the only option for dental work. That is because, for years, metal fillings and crowns were the primary way of addressing tooth damage.

But now, most restorative dentists offer more seamless solutions, such as tooth-colored fillings or porcelain crowns.

While porcelain may seem too fragile for frequent wear, it is actually 90 percent as strong and stain-resistant as your natural teeth. That makes it a wonderful way to repair –or enhance – teeth, since it can be cared for like your teeth, and will age similarly as well.

In fact, many crowns last ten years or more with great dental hygiene and regular checkups.

Of course, some teeth must bear a great deal of pressure as you chew. For these teeth, your restorative dentist may recommend an even stronger option, such as a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, which marry the benefits of both porcelain and metal, making them a great option in many cases.

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