Show Off Your Stylish Smile Through Artistic Smile Design

Artistic Smile Design is Timeless

Almost everything goes through trend cycles: fashion, technology, foods, cars, and even names. But one thing that never goes out of style is a beautiful smile. Sure, some people are born with a naturally gorgeous smile, but most of the people with amazing smiles have had work completed to get them that way, whether it be orthodontic treatment, or professional teeth whitening, it often takes some form of dental treatment to help a smile look its best. If you’d like yours to be one worth boasting about, artistic smile design can help!

What Makes an Artistic Dentist Different?

While most dentists offer cosmetic treatment, few specialize in what is known as artistic smile design. This involves developing a customized treatment plan to help a patient address any health or cosmetic concerns, and to create a gorgeous smile in the process.

If you’ve long been bothered by imperfections with your teeth or gums, an artistic dentist could help determine which treatments can best help you achieve your dream smile.

In many cases, a few simple cosmetic treatments can help to hide any flaws and highlight your smile’s great natural attributes. For instance, you might need gum contouring to first address excessive gum tissue, followed by professional whitening of all your teeth, to help give you a more symmetrical and bright smile.

If you’re looking for a long-term way to improve disproportionally small teeth and to address minor overlaps of your teeth, a combination of contouring to file away portions that overlap, followed by custom veneers which can be affixed to teeth that are too small, could create a wonderful smile.

After consulting with you in order to learn your specific goals behind seeking treatment, the dentist can design your dream smile and then bring that dream to life, through artistic enhancements.

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