How Can You Cope with Tooth Loss: Part Two

Prosthetic Options for Smile Completion

Dentures remain a popular solution for treating tooth loss. However, they aren’t the most recommended option for restoration, especially by modern prosthetic dentists. That is because dentures, partial or full, can only replace the missing tooth or teeth, not the root(s). Over time this can cause changes in the jaw’s alignment and overall structure, particularly if more than one tooth is missing. On the other hand, dental implants replace both the missing tooth and the tooth’s root, which helps to sustain the jaw’s structure over tiem, not to mention stabilizes the prosthetic tooth. So, if you are looking for both comfort and confidence in your prosthetic, a dental implant might be the ideal solution for completing your smile!

The Many Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants for Smile Completion

A dental implant is considered the most comprehensive way to cope with tooth loss, because a dental implant is the only prosthetic that is capable of replacing both a missing tooth and its root. The root is what helps supply the jaw with nutrients needed to retain its structure and adequately support teeth, so a post is essential to helping make a prosthetic functional and long-lasting.

A stable prosthetic can also help make chewing much more comfortable, which can help patients get proper nutrition. Dentures, dental bridges and other prosthetics often become uncomfortable over time, because of changes in the jaw’s structure, because it’s no longer receiving proper nutrients. An implant helps prevent this, making the prosthetic longer-lasting, and the post itself should last a lifetime.

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