Get Your Smile Summer Ready with Cosmetic Bonding

Get Summer Selfie Ready with Cosmetic Bonding

These cold winter months may have you reaching for soup and other comfort foods, but chances are they also have you dreaming of warmer weather, and maybe even a beach getaway. And whether this summer includes an actual trip to an exotic location, or just lounging poolside in your backyard, you probably want to look your best. After all, summer is certainly selfie season. To prepare, now is a perfect time to address those concerns that have caused you to hide your smile for many years now, and cosmetic bonding could help. Bonding can help make sure you are truly ready for your day in the sun, and wherever winter wanderlust may take you!

The Issues Bonding Can Address

Cosmetic bonding is similar to porcelain veneers, which can address many esthetic concerns with a single procedure. However, unlike veneers which must generally be custom-crafted and then shipped to the cosmetic dentist, cosmetic bonding is both faster and more affordable. In fact, it can often be completed in less than an hour!

Yes bonding accomplishes similar results to veneers, in that it can be used to help make disproportional or misshapen teeth more symmetrical, hide permanent staining, and even correct minor gaps between teeth.

How the Procedure Works

Unlike some other forms of cosmetic treatment, cosmetic bonding relies on the dentist’s own artistry and craftsmanship to complete smile enhancements. First, the dentist will apply a composite resin (the same kind used for tooth-colored dental fillings) to the teeth needing adjustment. Then he or she will carefully sculpt it to create a more symmetrical smile. Then, the resin is hardened using a special light, which helps make it a more durable enhancement.

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