Dr. James Fondriest: Putting the “Care” in Dental Care for Chicago’s North Shore

Do you dread appointments with your doctor or dentist because the experience is akin to being herded in and out like cattle? Dr. James Fondriest and his staff at Lake Forest Dental Arts will give you the one-on-one care that you deserve.

Dr. Fondriest intentionally limits his patients so that he can fully meet the needs of everyone under his care. He wants you to feel special, trusted and heard. His conservative approach to dentistry ensures he will only perform work that he deems necessary.

For more on Dr. Fondriest’s conservative approach, read this excerpt from a patient testimonial:

I recently ran into my previous dentists’ hygienist. She said that my old dentist often suggested the most expensive fixes to problems. Dr. Fondriest is the opposite. He starts with the conservative options first. Dr. Fondriest doesn’t push services on patients; he just diagnoses what’s going on and tells you your options. Trust me on this. Peace of mind that your dentist is highly skilled and places your needs first is worth the investment.

Because Dr. Fondriest serves a select group of patients, his results are dazzling. His patients walk away from treatments satisfied, both with their smiles and Dr. Fondriest and his staff. Everyone at Lake Forest Dental Arts maintains a positive, professional attitude.

Read what that same patient had to say about Dr. Fondriest and his staff:

Dr. Fondriest cares about doing things right. He always seems to be running on time and I’ve never been in the waiting room with more than one other person. Clearly, he doesn’t overschedule. He creates an unstressed environment for his patients, his staff, and himself. Dr. Fondriest is always purposeful but never “in a hurry.” Contrast this to the “dental factories” where a single dentist lines up his patients in compartments and scurries back and forth between them while the waiting room buzzes like an airport terminal. I actually feel relaxed entering and leaving his space. Barbara the receptionist is a gem of a person who is charming, good-natured, and easy to work with. The hygienists are all skilled and personable. I actually feel lucky to be a part of such a well-run practice and believe the peace of mind I get from having the best dentist is worth a little more money.

If you want to feel like you’re being treated by a trusted friend who puts your needs first, rely on Dr. James Fondriest.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Fondriest, call Lake Forest Dental Arts at 847.234.0517. Dr. Fondriest serves patients from the greater Chicago area.

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