Dental Implants: Learn the Basics

dentalimplantpartsHave you been looking at your smile in the mirror, worrying about its appearance as the result of missing teeth? Perhaps you are only missing one tooth but the effects have taken a truly impactful toll on your emotional wellbeing. Rest assured, dealing with tooth loss is something that most patients find affects many part of their lives, including their self-esteem. You will likely also find that a missing tooth causes significant functional problems, particularly with speaking and eating. The good news is that dental implants will replace your entire missing tooth, all the way down to your roots, for exceptional stability and beauty. If you are ready to learn more about how implants can improve your life, we invite you to begin at the beginning with the basics:

Understanding An Implant

A dental implant is a post. It is usually composed of titanium and will replace only your missing tooth’s roots. While the implant itself will not replace the part of your tooth that you can see when you open your mouth, it sets the stage to replace that part of your tooth because it provides the necessary support. If you choose implants, we will surgically place the post into your jawbone where your roots used to reside. After surgery, you will need to heal and wait up to four months while the post fuses to your bone.

The Other Parts

Once your post bonds with your jawbone and your gum tissue has healed, it is time to complete your tooth replacement. Your dental implant has replaced your roots – we will construct the rest of your tooth by building it on top of this support system. First, we will place an abutment piece within the top of the implant – it will connect the post to the visible tooth replacement. Then, we will place a restoration (or the part of your tooth that sits above your gumline) over the abutment. For a single tooth replacement, the restoration will be a beautiful dental crown. However, recognize that you also have the option to receive strategically placed implants that can support prosthetics like bridges or dentures that address multiple missing teeth.


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