Could Your Smile Benefit from Cosmetic Dentistry? Part Two

Could Cosmetic Dentistry Help Your Smile

Are you convinced that you need cosmetic dentistry to create a more beautiful smile, but feel stumped which treatment is right for your smile? There are a number of ways to help improve a smile’s appearance, so determining the best way to achieve a dream smile can take some research, and, more importantly, a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. A skilled dentist, though, will first understand your causes for concern, then carefully weigh your options with you, so you can proceed with treatment knowing the end result will be a smile which you’ll be proud to show off!

What Ways Can a Dentist Improve Your Smile?

Cosmetic bonding is a fast procedure that can be completed in about an hour, for most patients. It involves the dentist applying a composite resin material to the teeth, then sculpting it to hide any imperfections and to create a more uniform smile. The material is the same one used for many modern dental fillings, which has become popular because it is natural-looking, but also bonds well with teeth, hence the name.

One of the drawbacks of bonding is that the resin is not as stain-resistant as porcelain and other dental materials. This means it can begin to discolor over time.

For longer lasting effects, many patients choose porcelain veneers. Porcelain is similar to natural teeth enamel, which is both strong and stain-resistant. Veneers can hide staining, gaps, and correct size and shape issues. Plus, because porcelain is so durable, veneers can last more than a decade!

Of course, sometimes the cause for concern isn’t the teeth at all; it’s the gums. In these cases, a gum lift is often the best approach to treatment. Gum lifts require surgically sculpting the gum tissue, to reveal more of the teeth, and to correct any asymmetrical portions. This requires more recovery time than many other forms of cosmetic dentistry, but it is often the only way to correct issues caused by the gum tissue, instead of the teeth.

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