Cosmetic Care FAQs: Is It Too Late?

We know that one of those factors that causes a significant amount of stress for our patients is whether or not it’s too late for cosmetic care. The short answer to this particular worry is generally, “No! It is never too late!” However, we know that your needs and preferences are special and unique, which means you probably have some very specific questions. These will be best answered during a visit. In the meantime, answers to questions we receive very often will help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Am I too old to come in for cosmetic care to improve the way my smile looks?

Answer: You are never too old to come in to talk with us about how to make your smile look lovelier. While it is possible to be too young (we must make conservative choices for young, developing smiles), adults are all welcome.

Question: I already have metal dental work that doesn’t look very nice. Is it too late to do something about this, since I’ve already received the treatments?

Answer: It is not too late. We can help you replace dental work that you find unsightly with beautiful, cosmetically sound work, so your smile looks beautiful and natural again.

Question: I’ve been missing teeth for a while now and I haven’t done anything to replace them. Have I waited too long to come in to complete my smile? If not, will it be able to look good or will I have to settle for something just decent looking?

Answer: The only problem would be waiting any longer! It is never too late to address tooth loss. Come talk with us about cosmetic care, tooth replacements, and all of your options, so we may help.

It Is Never Too Late To Schedule A Consultation

If you want your smile to look better, remember that it is never too late to learn more about whether cosmetic care is right for you. Feel free to schedule a visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from the North Shore area of Chicago and the surrounding communities.

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