Dental Anatomy Explained by Your Chicago Restorative Dentist

How much do you know about the structure of your teeth and their functions? Your teeth are shaped and sized differently because each type of tooth serves different purposes when it comes to chewing and grinding food. If you’ve ever wondered about the anatomy of your teeth, our team at Dr. James Fondriest ‘s office have the scoop.

Tooth Anatomy

Crown – This term refers to the entire portion of each tooth above the gum line.

Pulp Chamber – Located inside the tooth, the pulp chamber holds cellular material and nerve endings.

Roots – Each tooth is anchored into the jawbone by tooth roots.

Tooth Enamel – This protective barrier that surrounds teeth is the strongest substance in the body. Composed of a high concentration of minerals, tooth enamel protects your teeth from harmful bacteria.

Dentin – Located underneath your tooth enamel, the dentin is a soft and porous structure that contains thousands of tubules to the pulp chamber.

Types of Teeth

Canines – These are the sharpest teeth in your mouth and are used to hold and tear food. Humans have four canine teeth located adjacent to incisors.

Incisors – Located at the front of your mouth, incisors lack cusps and are called anterior teeth. These teeth are used to shear food.

Premolars – These teeth are also known as bicuspids. Unlike incisors, premolars have cusps and are used for chewing food.

Molars – On a daily basis, molars endure more pressure from grinding and chewing food than other types of teeth. Molars have four cusps and the flattest surface of all the teeth in the mouth.

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