Patient Testimonial: Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient Testimonial for Lake Forest Dental Arts

“I vividly remember when I was 16 years old, going to the dentist and having the dentist drill down two of my front teeth so that he could apply bonding materials. Since that time, I have had my bonding replaced on numerous occasions because, either the material cracked, or it became stained. Over the years, I found myself not smiling fully, as I didn’t want anyone to notice my stained and unattractive teeth.

Finally, after many years, I figured that technology had passed my family dentist by, so I started getting consultations with dentists who specialized in cosmetics. Narrowing my search was difficult because there were so many advertising dentists claiming superiority. It occurred to me that other dentists, especially the specialists who work with and see the quality of work being done by the many cosmetic specialists in my area, would know who the best really was. I asked my daughter’s dentist whom the best doctor was to do my veneers and cosmetic bonding. He said that Dr. Fondriest is one of the most respected cosmetic dentists in the country. I knew the minute that I met Dr. Fondriest that he was highly qualified to do the work. He consulted with me on several occasions and took the time to truly understand what I wanted. He asked so many more questions and considered more options than the other dentists that I had consulted with.

The process was not painful at all. He and his staff made complex things seem simple. Everyone as the office was kind, friendly, and supportive. I felt that they were really rooting for me. Now I have that beautiful smile and find myself smiling fully. I wish that I had done this sooner!”

-Anna Roeser, Libertyville, IL

Your Chicago Smile Makeover

Dr. James Fondriest is a cosmetic and restorative dentist in Lake Forest, Illinois. Serving the greater Chicago area, Dr. Fondriest has created beautiful, fully functional smiles for countless patients. To see the smiles Dr. Fondriest has created, view his before and after and porcelain photo galleries. To read what patients think about their treatments and new smiles, take a look at the patient testimonials section of his website. For more information or to reserve an appointment, call Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517.

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