A Reason to Smile

Have you ever been around a group of bubbly people, and suddenly you started to feel giddy, too? This could be the result of a contagious smile. In the same way that yawning can make other people yawn, smiling can make others smile.

In a Harvard study covered at NPR, we learn that smiling does not just affect the people you interact with, but it can affect friends of friends, too. When you are the center of attention and talking to multiple people, the waves of happiness are the strongest.

Benefits of Sharing Your Smile

  • Positive Feelings– Smiling makes it hard to feel bad, so as they say, “Turn that frown upside down.”
  • Face Lift– When you smile, your facial muscles cause skin to lift, so you look younger.
  • Healthy Blood Pressure– Smiling can reduce blood pressure, so if your blood pressure is high, smile more.
  • Endorphins– Each time you smile, you release feel-good chemicals in your brain.
  • Pain Killer– Smiling provides a natural pain killer. When a person smiles while in pain, he or she may experience a higher pain threshold.
  • Immune System– When you are relaxed from smiling, your immune system becomes stronger. By smiling more often, you might prevent colds and flus.
  • Stress- You wear stress on your face, and that makes you look weary and tired. Next time you are in a stressful situation, try to smile, and you will look less stressed.
  • It’s Attractive- Smiling makes you look more attractive and approachable. People are drawn to someone who puts a smile on her face. Frowning pushes others away.

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