Can Your Cavity Be Treated Quickly?

Could a Filling Help Address Your Cavity?

Are you worried about your smile, because of a seemingly sudden increase in sensitivity when you try to enjoy your favorite foods or drinks? Have you recently noticed changes in your teeth’s appearance, such as white patches on the surface of some or several of your teeth, or even grey or otherwise dark lines in some of the crevices of your teeth? Did you know that these could be symptoms of a dental cavity? If you have never struggled with a cavity before, you might be nervous about visiting the dentist, because you are unsure what treatment will entail. Fortunately, treatment for cavities is often quite simple, and even esthetically-pleasing, so if you do suspect you have a cavity, there is no reason to fear restorative treatment. In fact, a dental filling could actually help you smile more comfortably, and more confidently, quickly!

Why Do Cavities Require Restorative Treatment?

If you are curious why dental cavities require restoration, that is because the teeth are strong and even naturally stain resistant, but they cannot repair themselves in the same way some parts of the body can. For this reason, restorative dentistry is needed when teeth become damaged, such as through the acidic erosion that is characteristic of cavities.

Without treatment, your dental issue will only worsen with time, often progressing to an infection that will require more extensive treatment, such as root canal therapy, or eventually even the need for an extraction.

When detected and treated quickly, simple and minimally invasive dental fillings are frequently sufficient for treating cavities. Since they can be made to look natural and feel comfortable, there is no reason to delay restorative treatment, and there are many compelling reasons to seek restoration promptly!

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