Can You Enjoy Renewed Confidence with a Dental Crown?

Could Restorative Dentistry Improve Your Smile?

Did you sufffer an injury in 2016 that left your smile visibly damaged, or left you suffering from discomfort or even increased sensitivity? When was the last time you were able to enjoy a sip of coffee, for instance, without suffering from heightened sensitivity? Have you had to turn down dessert, or after-dinner drinks because of dental pain? Over time, dental problems are likely to worsen, not get better. That is, if you do not take time to schedule restorative dental treatment. Fortunately, with modern treatment, like a dental crown, you could enjoy improved comfort and increased confidence, as well! So stop settling for a smile that is causing discomfort or insecurity, and schedule a consultation with your restorative dentist to find out how treatment, like a crown could help your smile!

Crowns Are Durable and Versatile Restorations

For chips, cracks, and even progressed cavities, dental crowns are often the best restorative dental solution. That is because crowns help to seal damaged teeth from further exposure to food, air and bacteria, which could lead to a painful tooth infection. Crowns also improve one’s ability to chew comfortably, because they prevent the sensitive layer of tooth beneath the enamel from being exposed.

Enjoy Long-lasting and Natural-looking Protection

When a patient chooses a porcelain crown for restoration, he or she can enjoy esthetic benefits as well as comfort ones. That is because porcelain crowns are specifically crafted o look natural, while still providing effective protection. Plus, since dental-grade porcelain is similar to natural tooth enamel, crowns (or porcelain veneers) can be cared for just like natural teeth, with non-abrasive toothpaste and routine preventive care!

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