Can You Grow New Teeth?

More money is spent on dental treatments throughout the world than on any other medical treatments. Your teeth are important to you, not only that they are straight and white, but that they are healthy and remain in your mouth for a lifetime. But what happens when you lose a tooth? Regardless of the reason for its loss, whether through accident, trauma, or decay, you need to get it replaced. Today your Lake Forest Dentist, Dr. Fondriest, answers the question: can you grow new teeth?

Embryonic Cells

It has already been proved that growing teeth from embryonic cells in a laboratory environment is easy and effective. There are two major reasons why this is not a plausible option however. The first reason is that the use of embryonic cells is ethically controversial, though they are not derived from eggs fertilized in a woman’s body. Most embryonic cells are from embryos that were developed from eggs fertilized in vitro then donated for research.  The second reason is that the cost is prohibitive at over $50,000 an implant.

Adult Cells

Adult cells are a more viable option, and use of the patient’s own cells would eliminate the worry of rejection.  Two types of adult cells are needed to grow teeth: epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells. The epithelial cells send instructions to the mesenchymal cells to begin producing the different types of cells and tissues needed in the formation of new teeth. Epithelial cells can be collected from a person’s gingival, or gum, tissue. The difficulty comes in finding a source for mesenchymal cells. The secret may lie in the animal kingdom by studying how sharks and snake continuously grow new teeth.

About Your Lake Forest Dentist:

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