Yaeba: an Interesting Trend in Cosmetic Dentistry

Can you imagine spending a lot of money on cosmetic dentistry to intentionally make your teeth crooked and less than perfect? It might sound crazy, but it is a popular trend in Japan, particularly with Japanese women. “Yaeba,” as it is called, literally means “double tooth” in Japanese, and women are having cosmetic procedures to achieve a smile that creates the appearance of having too many teeth. Today, our Lake Forest cosmetic dentist Dr. James Fondriest discusses Yaeba and would it could mean for your oral health.

Double Tooth

Sometimes our adult teeth erupt before our baby teeth have fallen out. The teeth are then crowded and jammed together. This overcrowding is called malocclusion, which is improper bite alignment. This condition can cause tooth wear and make it difficult to properly brush and floss your teeth. It is also the hallmark Yaeba look. Japanese women are actually paying cosmetic dentists to create malocclusion. The look is associated with youth, and Japanese men traditionally prefer women who look especially young. Basically, the women are making themselves look like children so that men find them more sexually attractive.

Dentists Charge Premium for Yaeba

With the Yaeba look as popular as ever and showing no sign of falling out of fashion, it’s no surprise women are flocking to cosmetic dentists to obtain their intentional malocclusion. The Yaeba look is easily reversible because cosmetic dentists place plastic fronts on the women’s teeth. The treatment is simple and non-permanent, but cosmetic dentists are charging a premium for it because of the high demand.

Yaeba: Not Ideal

While this trend is all the rage in Japan, Dr. Fondriest would like to remind you that the Yaeba look makes it harder for you to properly maintain your oral hygiene. In the United States, most people would consider the Yaeba smile to be flawed. Natural severe overcrowding usually requires tooth extraction or orthodontic treatment to straighten the teeth and bite.

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