Why Should I Get a Porcelain Crown?

Is a Porcelain Crown Right for You?

Dental crowns have long been prized for their versatility and effectiveness dealing with a number of dental issues, such as bad cavities, chips, cracks and other damage. They can also be used to protect a tooth after root canal treatment. Unfortunately many people with existing crowns have ones made of metal, which can certainly detract from a smile’s natural beauty, and can also cause sensitivity or discomfort for those with metal allergies. Fortunately modern porcelain crowns offer a beautiful and more comfortable solution for many patients. Plus, porcelain is strong and stain-resistant like teeth’s natural enamel, making a porcelain crown one of the longest-lasting ways to restore a smile.

For Patients with Dental Problems

Porcelain crowns make comfortable and stable ways to restore smiles after many dental problems, by helping to protect and seal a fragile tooth from harmful bacteria. A crown can also help prevent a crack or chip from worsening with time and wear. But one of the most popular reasons patients prefer porcelain crowns, is because they are made to blend seamlessly with one’s smile. This means the restorative work is not noticeable, much less ugly, which makes it possible to improve your smile’s functionality without sacrificing its beauty. (Some patients may prefer porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, which combine the benefits of both forms of crown, into one esthetically pleasing treatment.)

Plus, dental porcelain is very similar to natural tooth enamel, which not only makes it long-lasting and stain resistant. It also makes it simple to care for the crown. In fact, you can brush it the same way you do your normal teeth, so long as you use a non-abrasive toothpaste that won’t scratch the porcelain’s surface.

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